I made this course because the number one problem I see with students work is drawing. I have been there myself. It is easy to ignore drawing and jump straight to painting, but the reality is if you don't take the time to learn how to draw accurately your paintings will never reach their full potential. Lucky for you I made this course as short and concise as possible so you can learn what you need and start painting!

Setting up for success

I show you how I physically set myself up for a successful drawing.


I don't know about you but, being a painter I learn best through visuals which is why all my lectures are accompanied with visual demonstrations.

Every Stroke

As I draw in the final painting I take it super slow and talk you through my thought process for every mark.


Student Painting


Student Painting


Student Painting

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Don't waste another canvas on a painting that is doomed from the start because you don't have a sound drawing.